3 Benefits of an Arm Lift to Consider

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An arm lift is a procedure that you can get done to create smooth and toned contours for your arms. If you have lost a lot of weight or have some excess skin in the lower portion of your arms, you can benefit from getting an arm lift. This procedure, also called a brachioplasty, has to get performed by a board-certified surgeon. You will also need some time to recover from the surgery. But after you have healed from the procedure, you will have beautiful, toned arms.

Three Benefits of an Arm Lift

  1. You Get Excess Skin Removed From Your ArmsWhen you go to a plastic surgeon to get an arm lift done, all of the excess skin that hangs on the lower part of your arms will be removed. This decrease in skin and fat will make the area between your elbow and armpit look a lot better. The surgeon will remove the excess fat from your arm through liposuction. The fat then gets surgically excised.
  2. The Shape and Tone of Your Arms Will ChangeOnce you get an arm lift, the shape of your arms will change. This surgery will make your arms more toned. Before they get an arm lift, many people find themselves with flabby arms even after they work out on a regular basis. This might be due to the fact that they have too much excess fat and skin in their arms. After you get this procedure done, the appearance of your arms will change and the flabbiness will completely disappear. The surgeon reshapes the tissue in the arms. This makes the underlying tissue and tendons a lot more supportive.
  3. You’ll Get Your Confidence BackGetting an arm lift can restore your confidence. Before the surgery, you might have been self-conscious about your arms. After the arm lift, you will always take the opportunity to show off your toned, shapely arms.

After you get the arm lift done, you will need to follow a diet and exercise routine. But you will need to fully heal before you start exercising. To protect the incision site from possible infection, the site will be covered with bandages. Your surgeon will tell you how to change these bandages during the recovery period

If you are considering your options for more tone arms and getting rid of saggy skin contact our office to schedule an arm lift consultation.

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