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Frequently Asked Questions

380cc HP saline armpit incision. 3 months post. Do I need a revision? What are your suggestions for a replacement implant.

Dear PSvirgin: There are two ways to perform transaxillary (armpit) breast augmentation, the old “blunt and blind” technique in which the pocket is… READ MORE

What is Venus Freeze?

Makenzie: Others have done an excellent job of answering your question on this thread so I won’t repeat what they have written. I do want to let you… READ MORE

Is it possible to receive Post Op treatment from a different Plastic Surgeon than the one who worked on me? (photos)

Chelsea: Your result appears to be excellent! I understand you stated that you wanted your nipples upturned one inch higher on the breast mound than… READ MORE

Liposuction Incision site doesn’t look good. What is your opinion? (photo)

You wound is a bit red and irritated because the liposuction instrument went in and out of it hundreds of times. It looks like it will heal fine. I… READ MORE

My ps has told me he wants to re-open my breast to check implant hasn’t ruptured. Is there another way? (photo)

Shellie: You clearly have some asymmetry of size. You didn’t mention thought whether your implants are saline or silicone. If they are saline and used… READ MORE

Is movement of an implant under the nipple normal? (Photo)

Redglory: It is completely normal to experience strange sensations during the early healing process after breast augmentation. I’m not exactly sure… READ MORE

4 days post-op and one boob is bigger than the other with incision wound stinging. Is this normal? (photo)

It is very usual for one breast to hurt more than the other after breast augmentation. It is also normal for one to drop into the pocket more quickly… READ MORE

How easy and cost effective would it be to change out my implants?

CrystalRain: It’s generally easier to exchange implants to a larger size than a smaller size because many times the lower portion of the breast pocket… READ MORE

My question is, with the amount of breast tissue I currently have would it make a difference in choosing Saline over Silicone?

Scaredy Cat:I think the sizing you have chosen should be right on to achieve your goals. There is nothing wrong with saline implants. In fact, the FDA… READ MORE

Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty the same day?

Dear Kia:  Yes, you definitely can have breast augmentation and rhinoplasty performed on the same day.  Below is a link to a review of one I p… READ MORE

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