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You can’t stop the aging process. The years seem to fly by faster than ever as you get older. You take good care of yourself, eating well, staying hydrated, and keeping active. In spite of all your efforts, you are seeing changes in your figure that make you unhappy. Your breasts are your greatest concern. They’ve really begun to sag. Without the support of a bra, they’ll hang down toward your belly button. You miss the days when you had a perky bust that make you feel confident in yourself. You’re not alone. As women age, collagen production decreases, causing your skin to lose its elasticity. Hormonal changes occur with menopause. Breastfeeding and fluctuations in weight can also cause your breasts to droop. Before you give up hope on your body, a breast lift could be the answer for you.

Give Your Bust a Boost
Diet and exercise will not make your breasts snap back to a youthful position. You will need help from a professional. Your plastic surgeon can help you to reverse the effects of aging. The first step begins with an evaluation to determine if a breast lift is the best approach for you. If you are a candidate, your surgeon will be your guide, explaining what you can expect. Incisions will be made in your breasts to reshape your breast tissue. Loose skin will be removed as your breasts are shifted to a higher position. Your areolas will be raised as well. The end result will be a bust that reminds you of your younger days.

Choose to Combine Your Procedure with Augmentation or Leave Your Size Alone
Many women choose to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation. If you have noticed a decrease in the size of your bust or you have always wanted to be a larger cup size, your surgeon can perform implant surgery while performing your lift. You can choose to remain your current size. You can even discuss a reduction if you feel that your breasts are too large. Your plastic surgeon will tailor your procedure to suit your needs.

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