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How to Recover From Arm Lift Surgery in Phoenix Fast and Easy

Brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, works by removing excess fat or skin from the upper arm. The clinician removes this fat from the area between the underarm and elbow. They perform the surgery using techniques as varied as liposuction and surgical excision. You can get excellent results from this procedure, which changes your baggy, saggy arms to arms that are smooth, toned, and lean.

While you could get great results, this surgery operates as an outpatient procedure. As a result, a lot of patients have a short and sweet recovery. However, recovery times and experiences can vary greatly depending on the patient and many other factors. Some of these circumstances can include your health history, your tolerance for pain, and the type of technique that the clinician uses during the procedure.

What is the Timeline for Arm Lift Surgery?

During the early parts of your recovery process, you will need to wear loose button-up shirts until your clinician clears you.

For the first week following your surgery, you may need pain medication. However, this need should subside by the end of the week. You might see bruising and swelling for the first couple of weeks after the surgery.

Ten days after the procedure, your bandages and drainage tubes will get taken out. While your arm mobility will increase, your clinician will still advise you from lifting heavy objects. By this time, you should be able to return to work and take showers. You might have to wear a compression garment.

Two weeks after your arm lift surgery, you might start a scar therapy plan. This plan might include either a scar cream or some sort of tape product.

Six weeks after the procedure, all swelling should have subsided. You will no longer need to wear compression garments. You can now start lifting heavy objects. You will continue your scar therapy plan for the next 4 – 6 months. Six months after your surgery, your scars will become a lot less noticeable.

Managing Pain After Arm Lift Surgery

After your procedure, it is normal to experience moderate levels of pain. You should experience the most discomfort 2 -3 days after the surgery. Your clinician will prescribe pain medication to help you with post-surgery discomfort.

Scarring After Your Procedure

In many cases, arm lift surgery in Phoenix can result in some scarring. These scars are usually located at the base of your arm between your armpit and elbow. Fortunately, your scars will get lighter over time. There are also cosmetic procedures that you can use to lighten the scars.

4 Reasons You Deserve a Mommy Makeover in Phoenix AZ

Placing your children’s needs above your own has likely become a routine in the household, and you even fairly recently had another baby. Remember that you can still make time for yourself. In fact, consider the reasons why you should procure a mommy makeover in Phoenix now.

1. Customized Plan

Opting for a mommy makeover means that you’ll get a plan customized to your specific needs and wants. For example, upon consulting with the doctor, you may decide that the best course of action is to focus on your stomach or your legs. You already know that no two mommies approaching parenting in the exact same fashion, and you don’t have to follow another’s approach when it comes to a mommy makeover either.

2. Bolstered Confidence

As you are taking care of the children and the house, you have less time to focus on yourself. When you catch yourself in the mirror on the way out the door in a frenzy, you may cringe and fondly recall days from the past. Opting for a mommy makeover can provide a serious boost to your self-esteem. Remember that you deserve to look and feel good, and a mommy makeover can help you accomplish that goal.

3. Inspiring Kids

In addition to boosting your own confidence, you can also show your children how important it is to take care of the self. For example, if you have daughters, your mommy makeover can show them the necessity of being both a mother and a woman. Depending upon the ages of your children, you do not necessarily need to provide them with all of the details of the makeover. Instead, you can let them know that taking pride in one’s appearance is perfectly acceptable.

4. Back to School

Autumn is also the perfect time for a mommy makeover because the kids are off to school again. Perhaps some time has gone by since you had your last child, yet you still haven’t given yourself the attention that you deserve. With new routines and fewer at-home responsibilities, now is the moment to sign up for a consultation. Once winter break and summer vacation come into fruition, setting aside this time for yourself can feel more challenging.

A mommy makeover is not a plan that you should push aside for any longer. Now is the time to schedule a consultation and craft a plan for both looking and feeling your best.

How Tummy Tucks Can Help Men and Women Look Their Best in Phoenix

A tummy tuck is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help men and women improve the appearance of their abdominal areas. Known medically as abdominoplasty, this cosmetic technique is one of the procedures performed by Dr. G. Robert Meger at his plastic surgery parctice in Phoenix.

The Best Candidates for a Tummy Tuck
The procedure is best suited for men and women who have been unable to shed excess abdominal fat through diet and exercise. It is also ideal for women who are past their childbearing years and wish to return their figures to a younger look by reducing the appearance of those abdominal stretch marks. Additionally, both men and women who suffer from excessive abdominal skin after going through weight loss surgery can benefit a tummy tuck.

What to Expect from the Procedure
Patients will given a thorough review of their health, including any medications they may be taking, before receiving their tummy tuck. They will be given an anesthetic before the surgery begins. The actual procedure will involve an incision between the hips, although its length will depend upon the needs and goals of the surgeon and of each patient. The stomach muscles will then be drawn together to create a tightened appearance. Liposuction may be used during the to “suck away” excess fat. The entire procedure should take about three hours, but this also depends upon the nature of the surgery.

Looking Good After a Tummy Tuck
After completion of the surgery, patients will need to wear a compression garment and may require at least six weeks to achieve full recovery. Provided that patients can stick to their weight objectives, a tummy tuck should have long-lasting effects in terms of enhancing the appearance of their abdominal areas. Dr. Meger is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic procedures, including abdominoplasty. Those considering cosmetic surgery should schedule a consultation and learn how a tummy tuck in Phoenix can make them look better and feel better about the way they look.

5 Reasons Why Venus Legacy is Superior Cellulite Treatment in Phoenix

If you tend to avoid wearing shorts, short dresses or swimwear because you hate the way cellulite has decreased the appearance of your legs and thighs, you should know about the Venus Legacy Treatment offered to Phoenix and Scottsdale area residents at the clinics of G. Robert Meger Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

1. The Latest Technology

Venus Legacy is the most recent FDA-cleared technology for achieving both cellulite and nonsurgical fat reduction, in addition to skin tightening for a more youthful and vital appearance. Dr. G. Robert Meger is among the first in the state of Arizona to offer patients a technology that improves upon the Venus Freeze system through the use of radio frequency (RF) energy combined with pulsed magnetic fields (PMF).

2. Beyond Diet and Exercise

We’ve heard from countless patients who have been frustrated with their own attempts to reduce or eliminate cellulite by changing their dietary habits or increasing their exercise. Venus Legacy is a safe and proven procedure offered by Dr. Meger that targets those unwanted fat cells resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure not only eliminates those fat cells but also helps to stimulate increased collagen production, resulting in tighter skin.

3. Are You a Venus Legacy Candidate?

The Venus Legacy treatment for cellulite reduction is a perfect fit for candidates who are in good health and whose goal is not extensive weight loss. Venus Legacy can successfully treat cases of mild to severe cellulite in such problem areas as the buttocks and the thighs. Venus Legacy is also the right choice for patients seeking a nonsurgical, long-lasting solution to cellulite deposits affecting the appearance of their skin in addition to lowering their self-esteem and ability to feel and look their best. This treatment can also be used on the face, neck and other parts of the body.

4. Achieve Firmer Skin

Although this treatment produces a sensation of increased heating on the skin, most patients experience no discomfort or pain during the treatment session, lasting between 10 and 40 minutes. Patients receiving facial Venus Legacy treatments usually require between 6-8 sessions, with 8 to 10 sessions required for other parts of the body.

5. The Most Innovative Cellulite Treatment

Isn’t it time you won the battle over stubborn cellulite? Schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. G. Robert Meger today to discuss how Venus Legacy cellulite reduction treatments in Phoenix AZ can benefit your skin and your overall appearance!

4 Positive Highlights About Plastic Surgery, Phoenix AZ

Over the years, plastic surgery has been enjoying wide acceptance from a large number of individuals looking to change their appearances. While some people tend to attach the risks of plastic surgery, its benefits shouldn’t be ignored. With advanced technology and medicine, the success rates of most cosmetic operations have increased tremendously. Let’s take a quick look at a few positive highlights linked to plastic surgery.

1. Improved self-confidence

It’s no doubt, self-esteem is primarily associated with one’s image. Looking good makes you feel good, automatically. Many people undergo surgery to enhance certain parts of their body or eliminate them for a better appearance. Eradicating these rather intimidating aspects of the body, improves an individual’s willingness to open up in public and try new things out. You will also try to change your lifestyle and participate in activities you fancied but didn’t, due to low self-confidence.

2. Boosts your overall health

Operations such as the liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast reduction, remove significant amounts of fat cells from the body. However, without a proper healthy lifestyle that involves exercise and a good diet, you are likely to invite back the fatty nuisance. Considering the effort and money put into cosmetic surgeries, you are likely to improve your eating and lifestyle habits as well as developing a mindset geared at retaining these positive results.

3. Increased opportunities

Certain professionals and opportunities rely mainly on the image of employees. Professionals such as real estate agents, hostesses, news anchors, and models thrive better in their careers when they are attractive. In some studies, attractiveness is a factor that determines promotions and increased salaries in many institutions. It’s safe to say that plastic surgery has aided millions to clinch onto opportunities after enhancing their attractiveness.

4. Improved physical health

Unknown to majority of people, plastic surgery not only deals with physical appearance but also improved physical health. For instance, breast reduction operations improve the general body contour. It also relieves back and neck pain that’s triggered with the disproportionately large breasts. Another example is the rhinoplasty surgery that targets the reshaping on the nose. Rhinoplasty ensures that the nose is shaped well to improve appearance and self-confidence. At the same time, it may improve breathing after bettering the aesthetic of the nose structure.

Whatever your reasons are for undergoing cosmetic surgery, you will discover more benefits after its success. To learn about your options in cosmetic surgery, contact us at our plastic surgeon in Phoenix, AZ to speak to our doctor.

What To Expect With Treatment for Gynecomastia in Phoenix AZ

Gynecomastia is an unusual condition that affects the male population and results in a breast size and appearance that is normally associated with women. Treatment of this condition is one of the procedures performed by Dr. G. Robert Meger, the Phoenix-based aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Understanding Gynecomastia
Although increased breast size may be desirable in women, it can be emotionally traumatic to men and boys. Gynecomastia in Phoenix can also have some adverse physical effects, most notably pain. The condition stems from an imbalance between the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone estrogen, which can also be found in men. Gynescomastia is common in newborn babies, but normally goes away two or three weeks after birth. It is less common during the years of puberty, but it too will normally disappear on its own. The condition can also occur later in life, developing in approximately 25 percent of the men between the ages of 50 and 70.

The Underlying Causes
Gynescomastia can result from several health conditions, including cirrhosis and hyperthyroidism. It has also been associated with the use of certain medications, of muscle-building androgens and anabolic steroids, and of alcohol and such street drugs as heroin. It can even result from the use of herbal products.

Seeking Medical Care
The best candidates for the treatment of gynecomastia are men who are otherwise healthy, but whose condition has proven to be resistant to exercise and dietary changes. It is also desirable for men undergoing the procedure to have skin that is elastic. The treatment itself usually combines surgery with liposuction, the “fat-sucking” technique that is also used elsewhere on the body. The procedure can be accomplished in less than two hours and an outpatient basis. After treatment, patients will wear a compression garment over their chests for a period of time. However, they can expect to return to work within 10 days of the procedure and should be able to perform low-impact exercise routines within two or three weeks.

What to Expect
The results of the treatment should be obvious after approximately three months, although it may take up to a year for the skin in the treated area to fully tighten. The effects should be permanent in patients who are able to maintain a proper weight. Dr. G. Robert Meger has experience treating this condition and is available to help his patients improve both their looks and their confidence in themselves.

Everything You Need to Know About a Brazilian Butt Lift in Phoenix AZ

Do you have a ‘flat’ buttock that lacks any form of shape? A small buttock that does not complement your body? Dr. G. Robert Meger is a board-certified surgeon here in Phoenix AZ and Scottsdale AZ that will give you a full buttock through Brazilian Butt Lift. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic procedure done by transferring fat from other areas of your body to your butt area. The fat transfer is done from areas on your body with excess fat such as the abdomen, lower back, and hips. The fat is used to list the butt and improve its shape giving you a perfectly shaped butt.


Why get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Getting a Brazilian butt lift is essential if you want to improve the shape and appearance of your buttocks. Many women and men in the Arizona area, struggle with keeping fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. While these two may help in improving the shape of your body, including your buttocks, genetics play a significant role as well. Luckily, Dr. G. Robert Meger can alter the genetic appearance of your buttocks through this procedure. This procedure does not use any silicone implants.

The following are some of the reasons as to why you should get a Brazilian butt lift in Phoenix AZ.

  • To improve and enhance the curve of your lower body area
  • To reduce any fat pockets that might have formed in your belly, thighs or hips
  • To add fullness to your buttock area
  • To achieve a more youthful look for middle-aged men and women
  • To make your upper and lower body proportional

Are you a good candidate?

If you are looking to get a Brazilian butt lift, you need to be an ideal candidate for it. You need to be in good health and have elastic skin in your buttocks area. Also, you need to have enough excess fat in your body for the transfer. Remember the procedure involves the fat transfer, which needs to be in abundance. Lastly, you need to have realistic expectations about the procedure. Generally, you are a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift if you adhere to the above.

Brazilian but lift is an efficient procedure for patients that want to improve the shape of their butt in Arizona. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. G. Robert Meger for a private and confidential consultation if you want to know more about the procedure.

How CoolSculpting in Phoenix Can Make You Swimsuit Ready for Summer

Want to look and feel your best in your favorite fashions this summer and beyond? Then you should know about the benefits that CoolSculpting in Phoenix can offer to help your body look great in your favorite swimsuit, bikini or outfit. CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction that is very effective at removing undesirable fat cells that you may have not been able to eliminate through diet or exercise. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. G. Robert Meger highly recommends this type of procedure for patients who are in good health and physically active who want to eliminate unwanted fat deposits especially around their thighs and waistline.

What is CoolSculpting?

This nonsurgical procedure features a state of the art process that freezes fat cells using low temperatures but without causing any damage or injury to tissues located nearby. This process of destroying undesirable fat cells is called cryolipolysis. Once targeted fat cells have undergone the CoolSculpting process, they can easily be metabolized by the body and disposed of as part of the body’s normal elimination process. Many of Dr. Meger’s patients who have opted for the CoolSculpting procedure have realized a 20% to 25% reduction of their fat cells after just one session.

What Should You Expect?

Each CoolSculpting treatment takes between 1 and 2 hours. No administration of anesthesia is required and this procedure is relatively pain-free. Patients usually feel a sensation of extreme coldness during the first 10 minutes of the procedure when cryolipolysis is occurring. Most patients are able to simply relax and unwind while the treatment is taking place, while others feel comfortable enough to read or watch television.

The sensation of prickling, soreness or numbness may be experienced for several weeks at the sight of the treatment, although any redness, bruising or swelling usually subsides within days. Over the course of several months, patients notice welcome changes as their body continues to eliminate fat cells.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Patients with good skin tone and elasticity experience the best results from CoolSculpting. Although this procedure is not a quick fix for weight loss or to address obesity issues, it is an excellent nonsurgical option to eliminate fat that has proven resistant to both diet and exercise. Schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. G. Robert Meger today to discuss how CoolSculpting can help you eliminate unwanted fat and achieve a more shapely, contoured figure.

How a Mommy Makeover in Phoenix Can Transform Your Post-Baby Body

Mommy Makeovers in Phoenix AZ

Although bringing a baby into the world is one of the greatest joys you will ever experience, there is no denying that childbirth can take a tremendous toll on a woman’s body. So it should come as no surprise that more women are turning to “mommy makeovers” as a means of regaining their self-confidence and pre-pregnancy bodies. For those who may not be familiar with a mommy makeover, it is a broad term used to describe any number of plastic surgery procedures aimed at addressing common issues that many women face following their pregnancy.

The popularity of these makeovers stems from the fact that the procedures can be custom-tailored to fit the unique needs of each woman. For example, some women turn to mommy makeovers because they are unhappy with the appearance of their breast as a result of breastfeeding their newborn while others may want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The rationale behind wanting a mommy makeover in Phoenix can vary, but for those who have undergone these procedures, they are a godsend.

Why Women Undergo Mommy Makeovers

The breast and abdomen are the two primary areas of concern for most women following childbirth. As such, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction makeup the majority of all mommy makeover procedures, according to To further illustrate this point, let’s take a look at the impact that breastfeeding has on a woman’s breast, for example. Once a woman becomes pregnant, her breast can increase by as much as one full cup size to help make breastfeeding after childbirth easier.

These newly-sized breasts, however, are only temporary. Once a woman stops breastfeeding, they ultimately return to their pre-pregnancy size, but in many cases, they lose their shape and become saggy in the process. A mommy makeover involving a breast augmentation or breast lift surgery can help correct these problems. Many women also undergo tummy tucks or liposuction to improve the appearance of stretch marks, which are caused by weakened abdominal muscles and tissues that stretch to accommodate their baby during their pregnancy.

Choosing The Right Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a great way to regain your pre-pregnancy body, and there are several procedures to choose from depending on your body composition goals. The best way to decide what is right for you is to schedule a consultation with a reputable cosmetic surgeon who can help you make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Liposuction Surgery in Phoenix Arizona

Millions of people struggle to lose fat from their midsection. Despite years of dieting and exercising, losing fat from the stomach area is almost impossible for some people. Liposuction is an excellent option for healthy people who want to lose fat in specific areas. It is impossible to reduce fat in particular areas from just diet or exercise. Liposuction is much less invasive than most people realize. In recent years, new technology has allowed plastic surgeons to operate much more efficiently.

Why Liposuction?

Anyone who wants to lose belly fat knows how difficult the process can be. Liposuction is both affordable and safe for the vast majority of the population. Although there are always medical risks during surgery, liposuction is one of the safest cosmetic surgeries available.

Choosing a Doctor

Some people look for cosmetic surgeons in Arizona based on the cost. Cosmetic surgery is not something to choose the cheapest option on. Instead, patients should look for qualified professionals who have years of experience in the industry. Liposuction can be a dangerous surgery if it is not performed correctly.

Our surgeons have helped thousands of people in both Phoenix and Scottsdale achieve the body of their dreams. Our team recommends that clients live a healthy lifestyle before getting liposuction in Phoenix AZ. Manually removing fat will not be successful if a person reverts to their old dietary habits.

Other Information

Anyone interested in liposuction should contact our company. Our team can explain the surgery process and answer any questions customers may have. Before committing to anything, our company encourages clients to come in for a consultation. There is no cost for this consultation, and it can help patients feel more relaxed about the process. Now is an excellent time for people living in Arizona to utilize cosmetic surgery to look and feel better.

3 Things You Should Know About A Brazilian Butt Lift in Phoenix AZ

Are you among those who desire a well contoured and shaped derriere? If so, then the Brazilian Butt Lift, commonly known as BBL, is the perfect choice for you. It is common knowledge that achieving a full sized and perfectly sculptured butt can be overwhelming for most people, especially as the aging process sets in. However, if you’re in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona, qualified plastic surgeons in Phoenix like Dr. Robert Meger, can be of immense help in enabling you to get the perfect butt or restore your previous shapely butt.

1. What Does Butt Enhancement Really Involve?

Have you ever wondered the process that is involved in reshaping the butt and giving it a perfect shape and appearance? Well, wonder no more since this article has you covered. In simple terms, a Brazilian Butt Lift, also known widely as butt augmentation is a surgery that is performed on the butts. The process involves a technique whereby excess fat is transferred from another area of your body to your butt for an enhanced elevation and volume.

Butt augmentation has increased in popularity in the turn of the millennium, so much so that specialists are receiving more clients by the day. If you desire to have the perfect butt and look the part, you can rest assured that Dr. Meger will be more than obliged to assist you in achieving your endeavors. He is reputed in Arizona as your one-stop plastic surgeon for all manner of reconstructive surgeries. You need not to worry since the process is not too complex because silicone implants are not used.

2. What are some of the Benefits that will accrue to you after Butt Augmentation?

Indeed, the importance of the Brazilian butt lift cannot be overlooked for whatsoever reason. As a patient, rest assured that after the process, not only will you look young due to the slight slimming but you’ll also have a butt to die for. Below are some of the benefits that butt augmentation will provide you with:

• Shapely and well-sculptured butt
• Overall good health due to the reduction and transfer of fatty tissue
• Increased elasticity in your butt region
• Lastly, you’ll have enough fatty tissue for liposuction.

3. The Final Word

It is no doubt that a Brazilian butt lift in Phoenix AZ has recently been at the center-stage in plastic surgery. It is because most people have realized the inherent need to improve their appearance and general outlook. As an individual, it is the best process to enable you to gain not only volume but also your desired butt shape using your own fat. In case you desire to attain the perfect butt shape and size, feel free to consult Dr. Robert Meger for more information regarding Brazilian butt lifts and its associated procedures.

5 Reasons to Consider CoolSculpting in Phoenix AZ

There are many people looking for ways to shape their body. However, they feel that those types of procedures can be expensive or they will have to spend hours in an operating room. The good news is that there is a FDA approved procedure that has made it easy for people tho get the body they desire. It is known as CoolSculpting. Below, we will discuss 5 reasons why CoolSculpting may be the best option for those who live in the Phoenix area.

1). CoolSculpting is Non-Invasive
Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting does not require going under the knife. It is a completely non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia. The procedure involves consulting with a doctor or a medical consultant about your weight reduction goals. Afterward, the client will undergo the procedure where the fat is frozen away from the body. This procedure is known as cryolipolysis. The fat cells are killed without disturbing the other cells. 

2). CoolSculpting has a Track Record of Success
There are a number of invasive and non-invasive fat reduction procedures available. However, CoolSculpting has a long-track record of success. The procedure has been widely used in the United States since 2005. Since then, there have been hundreds of thousands of successful CoolSculpting procedures. 

3). CoolSculpting Requires Little to No Down Time
Since CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, a client can walk-in and walk-out in the same afternoon. There is no stay in the hospital required. That means there is no downtime from work and no need for the client to radically adjust their schedule. 

4). CoolSculpting’s Results Begin in as Little as A Few Weeks
Once the CoolSculpting procedure has been completed, the client can expect to begin to see results in three weeks. That is the point at which the body begins to flush out the fat. Most clients will see the most dramatic results in about two months after the procedure. 

5). Dr. Robert Meger’s Office Provides CoolSculpting in the Phoenix Area
Dr. Meger’s has been offering CoolSculpting in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and general Arizona area for several years. His office can provide a quick and convenient way for clients to take advantage of the fat eliminating benefits of CoolSculpting.

Is an Arm Lift Procedure in Phoenix Right For You?

As a person ages or as they begin to lose weight, it’s not uncommon for the skin underneath the arm to begin to hang and sag. While this might not be entirely noticeable at first, it can become embarrassing over time and cause you to want to cover up your arms. This can have an immediate effect on your self-esteem and confidence and change the way that you look, act and dress. This is why a lot of men and women are choosing to go for an arm lift procedure in Phoenix Arizona.

Arm lift procedures are relatively safe and noninvasive. They are done directly in the surgeon’s office and the procedure itself does not take a long time. Once the procedure has been done, your arms will be toned and tightened to look their best. You will find that the procedure has very minimal recovery time, allowing you to be back to your normal activities within a matter of a day or two. You can also go home the very same day as the procedure, which allows you to cut costs on the procedure.

This procedure is also known as a brachioplasty and is one of the most common procedures in the surgical field. This is because a lot of people are unhappy with the way that their arms look and they are ready for a change. If you feel that it is time for you to have your arms look tightened and toned and you have tried everything to try to accomplish this on your own, you need to consider this procedure for your own benefit. You will find that this helps you to feel better about the way that you look and feel.

The key is for you to make a consultation appointment with the professionals to see what they are able to do for you. From there, it is just a matter of setting an appointment for the actual procedure and then having it done. The procedure is relatively quick, allowing it to normally be done in about two hours. You will find that the surgery is easy, quick and relatively painless. This is a wonderful time for you to consider working with the surgeons to get your body looking its best and for you to feel confident in the way that you look each and every day without the embarrassment of having sagging arms.

Smartlipo: A Better Alternative to Traditional Liposuction in Phoenix AZ


Excessive body fat can make you feel more self-conscious in your own skin. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that has been used for many years to remove fat deposits around the abdomen, thighs and other parts of the body, but the procedure can also cause a lot of soreness and bruising during the recovery phase. Smartlipo has been developed as an alternative to traditional liposuction methods and is much less invasive. Dr. Meger and his team offer Smartlipo treatment to patients from Phoenix, Scottsdale and other parts of Arizona who want to look and feel their best.

How Smartlipo Works

Smartlipo eliminates fat deposits with the use of heat to make the removal of fat cells easier. Dr. Meger targets, heats and liquidizes fat cells with a special laser that is safe for patients. The heat makes it easier to remove the fat cells than methods that are used in standard liposuction. The laser also helps promote the production of collagen, which helps tighten loose skin and improves its buoyancy. A small vacuum device known as a cannula is then used to remove the liquidated fat cells with less difficulty. No obvious scars are left behind since no large incisions in the skin need to be made to perform Smartlipo.

Faster Recovery

You won’t need to spend a long time resting in bed or staying away from work or other activities after undergoing Smartlipo. There is a possibility that you will feel fully recovered one to two days after your procedure, but Dr. Meger may recommend wearing compression garments for another two weeks to reduce any swelling. When standard liposuction is performed, normal activities may be limited for the first two weeks and bruising and swelling may be present for several weeks after the procedure.

Smartlipo offers a revolutionary way to improve your physique and eliminate body fat and hanging skin. Dr. Meger has the technology and expertise needed to offer patients like you this therapy in the safest way possible.

How Brachioplasty (arm lift) Can Help You Celebrate You Fitness Accomplishments

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift Phoenix)

You’ve put in the effort, and you’ve dedicated yourself to improving your body and your health. You want to reveal the new you, but after all that dedication and hard work, you’re still not happy with your body. After losing the weight, or possibly as a natural part of aging, the skin around your upper arms has become loose, and it makes you feel a little self-conscious.

Don’t lose hope. You can still have the body you’ve been working for.

What is Brachioplasty (Arm Lift Phoenix)? 

People who achieve radically transformative health goals and have rapidly lost 100 or more pounds of weight are often left with excess skin in the areas where a significant reduction in mass occurred. For women, the upper arm is often one of these problem areas that can be a painful reminder of a lifestyle that they have left behind. Brachioplasty, also called an arm tuck, is a simple procedure where the excess skin under the arms is trimmed away, leaving tightened skin and a more youthful appearance.

Wear your swimsuits, halter tops, and sleeveless blouses with confidence.

Tight skin is a mark of beauty that makes every woman feel amazing. After putting in the hard work to reclaim your health, a brachioplasty can be the missing piece that lets you truly celebrate your achievement.

An arm tuck is a simple procedure.

Many people think that getting an arm tuck is a difficult and lengthy procedure with an even longer recovery time. This couldn’t be further than the truth. Brachioplasty, usually an outpatient procedure, can take as little as two hours to perform and has a recovery time from three to four weeks. Patients are put under anesthesia and wake up a couple hours later with their new body. They experience some bruising and pain for a few weeks, and when that’s gone, all that remains is beautiful taught arms and a small scar from where the excess skin is removed.

Brachioplasty can be a gift you give yourself that you will enjoy for years to come.

Don’t let other people’s opinions or social expectations dominate your life. Ageing is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t have to define you, and neither does your past. After dedicating yourself to achieving your health goals, you deserve to feel good about yourself and all of your hard work.