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Top 4 Tips on How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you’re nervous about going under the knife, you’re far from alone. While the prospect of undergoing surgery can trigger anxiety, knowing how to prepare yourself for the upcoming procedure will ease your doubts. If you’ve scheduled a breast augmentation, here’s how to prepare yourself for the operation. Please note that the following changes should go into effect two weeks before surgery.

Don’t Drink Alcohol
Alcohol is notorious for thinning the blood. The thinner your blood is, the longer your body will take to heal. What’s more, dehydration can lead to bruising. In order to avoid these adverse effects, it’s best to forego all alcohol two weeks before your surgery. Drinking water will ensure that your body is nourished and primed for the operation.

Don’t Smoke
Much like alcohol, nicotine will prolong your recovery. What’s more, smoking makes you vulnerable to post-surgery complications. While it’s important to stop smoking before the procedure, it’s even more critical to say no to nicotine following any surgical operation. If any side effects are lying dormant, nicotine will bring them to the surface. Under serious circumstances, this could lead to irreparable damage.

Don’t Take Ibuprofen
Anti-inflammatory drugs don’t bode well for blood flow. In fact, taking ibuprofen before surgery may lead to blood clots. No doubt a serious health risk, blood clots give rise to other medical conditions. If you have a headache, opt for acetaminophen instead.

Don’t Take Herbal Supplements
While herbal supplements are touted as natural remedies, you shouldn’t ingest them before surgery. These include garlic, green tea extracts, ginseng, and ginkgo. If you fail to heed this advice, you’re liable to have a bad reaction to anesthesia. Should you experience any inflammation after your breast augmentation, arnica cream is an approved herbal supplement that you can use.

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