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Coolsculpting is a revolutionary new fat-reducing treatment for both men and women, which was approved by the FDA for citizens in Arizona and across the U.S. in 2017. Coolsculpting is a high-quality, high-tech process that is performed right in your doctor’s office, typically within an hour depending on the spots you’d like sculpted!

Coolsculpting removes those difficult-to-lose fat pockets, so you can have the sculpted, sexy body you’ve away dreamed of, and this amazing new treatment is completely non-invasive with no prescriptions or recovery time required. The non-invasive technique freezes the unwanted fat cells, so they wash away naturally and permanently within three months. Once the fat is frozen, the cells die and your system eliminates them forever!

Though men and women have different concerns, Coolsculpting works wonderfully for both sexes. The nine approved FDA-approved areas as of January 2020 for Coolsculpting are:

1. stubborn belly fat
2. “love handles”
3. upper thighs
4. lower back
5. upper back/ bra area
6. upper arms
7. under chin; a double chin
8. under the buttocks or the “banana roll”
9. flanks or along the side of the back

The entire process takes about 35 minutes for each section of fat that you and your doctor have decided to eliminate, and two areas may be Coolscultped in the same appointment. The high-tech tool is applied directly to the skin with no redness or abrasions occurring afterward. No preparation or downtime is required for your Coolsculpting treatment, and most of our clients return to work or go about their usual activities when they leave the office. With no added effort, you will see slight curves appearing in as little as 10 days to two weeks.

In three months, the contouring process is complete, and you will have lost several inches! This is not a weight loss program, so most people typically lose only a few pounds, but the evidence is dramatic. At this time, you may discuss with your doctor or if you are local in the Phoenix, AZ area our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Meger about having another Coolsculpting treatment for more definition or applying this fat-eliminating treatment to other areas. Our goal is to help you look and feel your very best!

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