5 Myths About Facelift Surgery in Phoenix Arizona

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Before getting any type of cosmetic surgery, it is wise to consider carefully exactly what you are going to have done. You do not want to end up regretting your decision or living with after-effects that were unexpected. As you do your research and ask your questions about facelifts, be sure that you do not get caught up in the following five myths. Instead, discover what the truth about facelifts is. 

Myth 1: You have to be old to have a facelift. 

Although most facelifts are performed on individuals who are 50 to 60 years old, there are no clear-cut rules about how old you need to be before having a facelift. Some people choose to have them in their 40s while others have the surgery first performed in their 70s as long as they have good skin tone. 

Myth 2: Your face will look unrealistic after a facelift. 

When you choose a qualified and experienced surgeon, you can expect beautiful, natural-looking results. Your face will not appear stretched, and the symmetry between your features will be spot-on. 

Myth 3: Men should not get facelifts.

 While it is true that a majority of people who get facelift surgery in Phoenix are women, many men are beginning to turn to facelifts to improve their look of youthfulness. However, men’s facelifts will look slightly different from women’s facelifts because they will be left with certain male-only aesthetics. 

Myth 4: Botox and fillers can be used instead of facelifts.

 For minor signs of aging, Botox can smooth away minor wrinkles, and dermal fillers can fill in deeper lines and wrinkles. However, neither of these options tightens drooping skin. 

Myth 5: Your facelift scars will always be visible. 

A good surgeon will ensure that your scars are nearly completely hidden. In fact, they should be hidden to the naked eye around the natural creases by your ears and around your hairline. 

Myths swirl around many cosmetic surgeries, and they are particularly prevalent among people who have never had the procedure performed. When you know the truth about your procedure, you will feel greater confidence when you choose it and can be sure that you will love the results. In addition, be sure to ask Dr. Meger any question you have about facelifts in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas because he will be able to give you answers specifically about your case.

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