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How Long After my Breast Augmentation Surgery Can I Get into a Pool?

It’s summertime, you’ve just had a breast augmentation, you’re feeling great, and you’re ready to show off your new curves. Who can blame you for wanting to take a dip in the pool with this Phoenix heat? But, is it safe to get into the pool after a breast augmentation surgery? How long do you have to wait to take a swim? And are there any other factors you need to consider when having fun in the sun while you are recovering from a Phoenix breast augmentation surgery?

You Can Get Back in the Pool Sooner Than You Think

Many Phoenix women start to feel great a few days after their breast augmentation surgery, and they feel ready to resume their normal activities. And in the Phoenix summer heat, that means hitting the pool! Well, you can actually resume swimming sooner than you’d think. The recommendation is to wait three weeks after your breast augmentation before getting back in the pool, or any other body of water. The reason – you need time for your incision to heal and become water resistant.

While you can get in the pool at three weeks post breast augmentation surgery, it is recommended that when you get out of the pool, that you take extra care to dry your bathing suit top off as much as possible, so you aren’t sitting in a soaked top. And, even before you reach three weeks post-op, you can still lounge by the pool in your bikini, or sit in the pool in waist high water so that you don’t miss out on too much fun in the sun.

What Else Should I Consider When I’m Out in the Sun?

One of the most important things you can do to protect your new look is to apply sunscreen – not only to your exposed skin but also to your incisions, even if they are covered by your bathing suit. Until your incisions are pale, they are susceptible to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, meaning that an incision that gets too much sun may end up with a scar that is raised or widened – and you don’t want that, now do you? And while having a golden brown tan is important to many Phoenix women, you should also avoid tanning booths until your scars are pale, too. The reason – healing incision sites are as sensitive as a newborn’s skin, and can easily become damaged by too much exposure to the sun or tanning booths.

How Can I Get My Other Breast Augmentation Questions Answered?

We know that when you are deciding to get a Phoenix breast augmentation that a ton of questions run through your mind. And we want to help answer them! You can find answers to many of your questions here on this blog. But, for an even more personalized experience, you can schedule a free consultation with Phoenix board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Meger. Call to schedule your appointment today at (602) 957-6000.

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