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Is Breast Implant Shape More Important Than Size?

If you’re a Phoenix woman who has decided to get breast implants, you may be wondering what shape and size implants to get. And you may also be wondering which is more important – the shape of your breast implants and final results or the size of your breast implants. Dr. Meger has helped hundreds of Phoenix women with their breast implants surgeries, and he has the experience to help you find the exact breast implants that you are looking for. Read on for advice from Dr. Meger about how to choose the right breast implants for you.

When It Comes to Breast Implants, Shape Trumps Size.

For many Phoenix women who decide to get breast implants, they are focused on enlarging the size of their breasts from their natural cup size to their desired cup size. But as Dr. Meger explains, breast implant size doesn’t always matter. First, bra sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, meaning that you may wear a C cup in one bra brand, and a D cup in another (for example, you’ll generally wear a larger cup size in a Victoria’s Secret bra).

Because of this, Dr. Meger generally advises women not to worry as much about the size they want to go to, but rather the shape and body contour they are looking for. Most Phoenix women who want breast implants are looking for a natural, balanced appearance that will look aesthetically pleasing with the curves of their abdomen and hips. Because of this, the shape of your breast implants are really more important than the size. Phoenix women generally want a full look with their breast implants, and that result is dictated more by the shape of implants than the size.

How Do I Choose the Right Implants for Me?

Board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Meger find that terms like “natural” or “fuller” can vary from person to person. One of the best ways that Phoenix women can express what shape of breast implant they want is by bringing in photos and magazine pages of women who have the shape of breasts that the patient desires. By showing real-world breast examples, Dr. Meger will be better equipped to help you find the shape of breast implant that will compliment your figure the most, and give you the results you desire.

What Can I Expect During My Initial Breast Implants Consultation?

Dr. Meger and his staff strive to make every single one of their breast implants patients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire breast implants process, from the initial consultation to the final post-op appointment. Because of this, Dr. Meger and his staff will spend a significant amount of time trying to get to know you, your wants and desires, and any concerns you have for your Phoenix breast implants surgery. In fact, many of our patients say that throughout the entire breast implants process, the staff at Dr. Meger’s office feels more like family than a doctor’s office.

How Can I Get Started with Getting Breast Implants?

If you’re a Phoenix woman who is ready to get breast implants, we recommend that you call Dr. Meger’s office to schedule a free consultation, during which you will undergo a full examination and discuss your goals for your breast implants procedure. Call today to schedule your consultation at (602) 957-6000.

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