5 Biggest Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix AZ

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Laser hair removal uses heat generated by lasers to disrupt the growth cycle of hair follicles, which leads to long-lasting smooth skin. Because of the high-tech nature of this procedure, many potential patients have certain fears and misgivings about the process. Luckily, many of these fears are based on myths, not fact. In this article, we’re taking a look at the five biggest misconceptions surrounding laser hair removal and how they get this safe, effective procedure completely wrong.

1. Laser hair removal causes hair to regrow faster and thicker.

The myth that laser hair removal will intensify hair regrowth is the complete opposite of what actually happens. According to research, most patients experience up to 25 percent less hair regrowth after undergoing the procedure. Additionally, hair that does regrow is typically lighter and thinner than the hair removed using laser therapy.

2. Laser hair removal is painful.

When undergoing laser hair removal, patients may experience some very short and very slight discomfort at the treatment site—many describe the sensation as similar to that of a small pinprick. However, when compared to the discomfort of other hair removal procedures, like waxing, the pain experienced with laser hair removal is virtually nonexistent.

3. Laser hair removal is too expensive.

When you break down the cost by session, it appears that laser hair removal is more expensive than other hair removal alternatives. However, this paints an incomplete picture. Laser removal is actually cheaper in the long run because the results you get with it last longer and are more effective than other types of treatment. When considering the lifetime cost of hair removal, laser therapy is the clear winner.

4. Laser hair removal is the same everywhere.

Laser hair removal is an incredibly safe procedure, but that only applies when it’s performed by a trained professional. Even though some beauty parlors and salons may offer the treatment, many times the removal process is performed by underqualified staff members. It’s always best to find a licensed, well-trained expert when you want laser hair removal in Phoenix AZ.

5. Laser hair removal can’t be performed in the summer.

If you enjoy getting a tan in the summer or have naturally have dark skin, it can be challenging for the lasers to accurately pinpoint your hair follicles. However, this doesn’t mean that summertime hair removal is a complete impossibility. Your technician may have to use lower-level settings on the laser, which means more sessions, but laser hair removal is absolutely doable on tan or dark skin.

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