How a Neck Lift in Phoenix AZ Restores a Youthful Profile

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No matter how vital you feel on the inside, if your neck is showing signs of sagging skin and excess fat, you will appear and feel much older than you really are to everyone you meet. If you want a long term solution for obtaining a sleeker and slimmer profile, the Neck Lift procedure performed by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. G. Robert Meger, may be the right solution for you.

Lines and wrinkles often start appearing in the neck area, whether you are in your 20s or have already reached the age of 70. The natural aging process, genetics or even weight loss can cause unattractive loose skin to appear throughout the neck region. The main goal of a Neck Lift procedure is the removal of excess fat from this area along with the tightening of sagging skin.

There are numerous benefits to scheduling a Neck Lift procedure at our Phoenix clinic.
During the Neck Lift procedure, Dr. Meger often uses several different procedures in order to achieve optimal results. In addition to liposuction to eliminate any excess fat that has accumulated in the neck region, he also uses cervicoplasty to remove sagging skin, as well as performing platysmaplasty, a procedure that successfully tightens and tones the muscles of the neck in addition to removing any band lines that have formed on the neck muscles and are a tell-tale sign of aging.

Dr. Meger has performed the Neck Lift procedure on patients from throughout the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. This safe and effective procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia. Some temporary bruising and swelling of the neck area commonly occurs, with an initial sensation of tightness and pulling. But most patients can resume regular activities within 7 to 10 days of the surgery. The final result noticeable within a month or two is a more contoured neck with tighter, smoother skin. Scarring is minimal since Dr. Meger places the incisions in very discreet places.

Patients from throughout Arizona have been amazed at the transformation in their appearance that Dr. Meger is able to achieve by providing them with a Neck Lift in Phoenix AZ. To schedule your own personal consultation, contact our office in Phoenix to make an appointment to talk about how a Neck Lift can benefit your physical profile and help you enjoy life to the fullest by feeling and looking younger and more vital.

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