All You Need to Know About Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs)

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Are you having difficulties in breathing? Are you unimpressed by the shape of your nose? Have you suffered an injury to your nose? If you are nodding in agreement to any of these questions, please stick on for an insightful read. The article will provide a run-through on rhinoplasty that could be a permanent fix for the challenges you face.

What is rhinoplasty?
It’s also known as the “nose job” and involves the surgery of the nose. It’s one of the most difficult plastic surgical operations yet quite common. What exactly does it involve? It involves modification of the cartilage or the bone of your nose.

Your surgeon is likely to make the below changes to your nose:
• Change the size or shape
• Narrow your nostrils
• Reshape the tip

Is rhinoplasty suitable for everyone? If you want the procedure to improve your nose’s cosmetic appearance, you should wait till the age of 15-16 years for girls and 16-17 years for boys. However, if the surgery is to correct difficulty breathing, it can be done at a younger age.

Are there any risks of rhinoplasty?
Just like any other surgery, rhinoplasty comes with the risk of infection, bleeding, and negative reaction to anesthesia. Other risks as a result of rhinoplasty are:
• Breathing difficulties
• Numbness in the nose
• Scarring
• Nose bleeding
• Loss of the shape of your nose

What’s the recovery of rhinoplasty like?
After surgery, your surgeon will put a plastic or metal splint on your nose. Why? It helps your nose retain the desired shape during the recovery. Nasal packs may be inserted in your nostrils to stabilize your septum.

Immediately after surgery, your doctor will monitor you in an observation room for a few hours. If all is well, you may leave later in the day. If the surgery was a complicated one, you might remain in the hospital for a day or two.

Rhinoplasty surgery requires a couple of months for recovery and realization of the desired results. However, to speed up your recovery, your doctor will advise the following:
• Avoid strenuous activities
• Stick to the follow-up care routine
• Avoid blowing your nose
• Avoid direct sun exposure

Folks, there you have all you need to know about a nose job. Are you in Phoenix, AZ, and ready to get started? Visit Dr. Meger, our skilled Phoenix plastic surgeon, for a personalized nose job.

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