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An intensive weight loss process, similar to old age, can lead to the skin sagging on the arms. Getting rid of the excess skin as well as fat can be extremely challenging if a patient only depends on exercise and dieting. G.Robert Meger, M.D. P.C, is devoted to offering numerous surgical procedures, among them arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty. The process involves removing fat and tightening the skin.

Who Qualifies For The Arm Lift Procedure?
Besides old age and weight loss processes, genetics can also be a cause of the sagging skin. That being the case, gaining the desired shape and size of the arm could be difficult. If exercise and dieting prove to be inefficient, experienced surgeons can grant you astonishing results through modern equipment. Qualified clients include those with sagging skin after losing weight, those that have tried exercising in vain, among other factors.

What the Arm Lift Process Involves
The surgeon starts by using anesthesia on a client’s body. He then makes an incision, which should run from the elbow and end at the upper arm. The cut may extend in case the surgeon needs to remove a large part of the skin. The extension partly covers the chest.

The surgeon proceeds to trim the loose skin and tightening the tissues beneath. With the surgery taking only two hours, the client does not need to spend a night at the health facility. However, the patient may extend the stay in case there are other procedures.

Primary side effects that a patient may experience include bruising and swelling, which are temporary. It is prudent to maintain an elevated position of the arm after the surgery to accelerate the healing process and enhance proper blood circulation. Healing should take three to four weeks, after which the patient can resume usual activities.

The Results to Anticipate from Arm Lift Surgery
Removal of excessive fat during the process is ideal for obtaining the best results. Tightening of the skin is incredible too, but may not be sufficient to ensure strong hands. The surgeon takes a physical inspection to identify your skin’s condition and its health, which helps him determine the most appropriate course of action.

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