Self-Care Tips to Address Aging Skin Problems

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Aging is an inevitable process that we all go through. And, once we reach 35 years, the signs of aging tend to be more visible. Only, skin changes due to aging that can affect our self-confidence. You know that dry or sagging facial skin that forces us to apply lots of makeup to conceal it. But, did you know that you can slow down the aging process through self-care? Yes, let me show you how.

Dry, Itchy Skin
As we age, the oil from our sebaceous glands reduces. Meaning, the only sure way to rehydrate our skin is by using external moisturizers. Second, spending too much time in the swimming pool or hot tub removes any oil or moisturizer on the surface. If you struggle with dry and itchy skin, spending less time in hot tubs and switching to a shower with lukewarm water can relieve the symptoms. For the bathtub, add few drops of baby oil to soothe the irritation. Avoid harsh beauty products that may irritate the sensitive skin.

Wrinkles come about as an indication of the skin losing its elasticity and becoming delicate. It is a condition that is mostly associated with aging. Still, youthful persons may struggle with a wrinkle here and there if they:

• Smoke
• Spend too much time in the harsh direct sunshine
• Have repeated facial expressions

Smoking and exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation speed up the aging process. While smiling, squinting, or any other facial expression can create fine lines or wrinkles when repeated over time.

To avoid wrinkles, keep your skin moisturized at all times. Insist on moisturizers that have sunscreen as one of its ingredients. Minimize or quit smoking. In its place, eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

When to Seek Treatment
Note that persistent dry and itchy skin may result in inflammation and trigger other health complications. And, once wrinkles appear, you can safely remove them with the help of a medical practitioner. Procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, and laser treatments can help rejuvenate the skin, soothe the itchiness, and diminish the wrinkles. You can book a consultation with Dr. G. Robert Meger, M.D. P.C. today to discover what treatment option is appropriate for your condition.

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