Top 3 Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

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The benefits of a tummy tuck have often been focused on how this popular procedure can change the way a patient looks and feels about themselves. However, you may be shocked to discover there are many different ways the tummy tuck can bring you benefits far beyond how your body looks. The potential benefits that can be seen from a tummy tuck can take a range of forms, including the easing of back pain, limiting urinary incontinence, and the attainment of better posture.

Avoiding Urinary Leakage

The problems regarding urinary leakage are among the most upsetting for many of the women who are considering a tummy tuck. Often used as part of a “mommy makeover”, the tummy tuck can often help a woman respond to urinary leakage that can be seen in mothers who have given birth without the use of a cesarean section. During a tummy tuck, the movement of soft tissue can include the partial blocking of the pelvis to help limit the occurrence of leakage.

Improve your Core

As everybody ages, we tend to find our core muscles are loosened over the course of our lives leading to damage to the back that can be caused by a lack of strength. If the core muscles of the body are weakened you may find your back muscles begin to overcompensate for these problems leading to a high level of back pain. In the majority of cases, you will find your stomach muscles are tightened during a tummy tuck reducing back pain and creating a stronger core and improving your posture.

Exercise with Confidence

Many benefits are available when you undertake a tummy tuck, including boosting your confidence by removing excess skin and looking better. For most women, confident exercise at the gym is made easier because the excess skin can make it difficult to move easily and limit your confidence levels.

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