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G. Robert Meger: I would like my patients to remember me as someone who truly did care for them. It’s not just about a business transaction and a medical visit. It’s someone that truly does have your best interests at heart. I’ll do the best thing for you that I can.

Dr. Robert Meger. I have a bachelor in science in chemistry from Notre Dame, and I moved over to Omaha, Nebraska and completed medical school at Creighton. Ended up in Phoenix for my general surgery residency program, where I fell in love not only with Phoenix, but with plastic surgery. So then I went off to Georgia for a two year residency in plastic surgery at the Medical College of Georgia.

Leslie B: I came in to see Dr. Meger for a breast augmentation. I never felt that I filled out the right clothes or the right dress, and it bothered me since I can remember. The results were amazing. I felt instantly more feminine. I just wanted to go out and show the world.

G. Robert Meger: I had lived in the Midwest my whole life. I came out here for an interview in, I think, it was February. My friend picked me up in a convertible. The sun was shining, and the palm trees were there, and I just fell in love with Phoenix that very minute. I hadn’t been in Phoenix more than 10 minutes, and I knew that I loved it.

Eileen B: I was in need of breast augmentation revision. I took a good look at his work, and I was very impressed. He is a fantastic plastic surgeon, with an artistry for reconstruction that’s absolutely beyond amazing.

Michelle C: He’s not going to do something that he feels is not going to be right for you.

Leslie B: I loved Dr. Meger’s staff. They really are like family.

G. Robert Meger: This is a comfortable place to be. You can talk to anybody here about anything. You’re going to be treated with respect, and you’ll get it taken care of.

Jovita C: I feel that our patients really appreciate our office, because we’re more down-to-earth. We are very approachable. We have a lot of integrity, in the sense that we’ll always get back to you. We’ll be very honest with you. We’re not going to procedures that aren’t going to benefit the patient.

Eileen B: That’s what I really love about Dr. Meger, is that he takes his time, and he’s very precise. You want someone that cares enough to make it look just perfect, and is willing to go the extra mile.

Michelle C: I feel beautiful about myself. My clothes fit. My bathing suits fit. I just felt great.

G. Robert Meger: We do have our own fully accredited operating room suite right here on the premises. It’s very private. It’s very intimate. You come in, you can go straight back and get your procedure done. You go out the back door. We take you to your car, and away you go.

The thing that makes me the most happy at the end of the day is when a post-op patient will stop me as I go to leave the room, and turn me around, and take my hand with both of their hands, and thank me, and say, “You’ve actually really changed my life.”