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Plastic Surgery in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ – G. Robert Meger MD

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Dr. Meger: Hi. I’m doctor Robert Meger. My typicality is aesthetic plastic surgery and I do cosmetic surgery of the face and body. We provide skin care, facial injectables in our own accredited operating room, all under one roof. We have a very warm and friendly staff. Some of our staff members have been with us as long as 10 years, and they do a wonderful job of making the patients feel like they’re at home.

Kimberley: I feel very comfortable here. Everyone treats me like a friend and I trust Dr. Meger. If you’re considering having a procedure, I would definitely contact Dr. Meger.

Dr. Meger: We have an operating facility on the premises, which provides a very safe and comfortable experience for the patient. We’re centrally located in Phoenix and we’re very easy to get to from any direction. And in fact, we’re just down the street from the Belmont. I’d like to feel I’m approachable, and someone my patients feel comfortable talking to about anything. We find that our patients after coming for several visits, feel like they’re coming to visit friends rather than going to see their doctor.