Researching Waxing in Phoenix? Here’s the Ultimate Guide on Waxing

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You probably have heard several conspiracy theories about waxing. The misconceptions notwithstanding, waxing is genuinely among the best hair removal methods. Here is an ultimate guide on waxing.

The Ideal Length for Waxing
Generally, the ideal length is anywhere between a quarter-inch and half an inch. It would be best if your hair was closer to half an inch during the first couple of sessions since it can be relatively coarse. However, your hair gets finer over time, and can now be waxed easily even at a shorter length.

Waxing Intervals
It is best to go for waxing regularly, for instance, after four or five weeks. When done regularly, you might realize less hair growth as time goes by. Besides, the hair follicle gradually loses its grip on the hair, making subsequent waxing sessions easier. As opposed to what some people believe, regular waxing does not cause muscle damage or saggy skin.

Besides ensuring that the hair is of an ideal length, there are other things you need to keep in mind. For instance, avoid taking a shower right before your waxing appointment. The reason being, water softens the hair, making it more prone to breakage.

Additionally, you might want to avoid certain medications since they make your skin more sensitive. If you are on any medication, discuss with your doctor for guidance.

Benefits of Waxing
Although you will feel some pain during hair removal, you will enjoy incredible benefits. Here are some of them.

1. Gentle Exfoliation
While getting your hair removed, your outermost layer of the skin will also be stripped off. Consequently, you are left with brighter skin. That said, refrain from exfoliating your skin on the same day of your waxing appointment since it will render your skin too sensitive.

2. Slower Regrowth
Since waxing pulls hair from the root, it takes longer for the hair follicle to get renewed, and the shaft reaches the skin surface. It might take up to four weeks, indicating that it’s time for your next appointment.

3. Variety to Choose from
When it comes to waxing, you are spoilt for choice. An esthetician can help you choose from the wide range of options available.

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