Why Women Choose Breast Reduction

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Each year, over 100,000 women opt to undergo reduction mammoplasty, better known as breast reduction. In this procedure, women who experience the discomfort of very large-sized natural breasts opt to surgically reduce the size of their chest. Women decide to have reduction surgery for many reasons, including pain, difficulty finding clothing and bras that fit, as well as unwanted attention. For women who are unhappy with their breast size, a reduction can be a dream come true.

Women who are well-endowed naturally often deal with a tremendous amount of weight pulling on the shoulders as a result of breast size. This weight can lead to painful indentation in the shoulders from the stress and impingement of bra straps. Often these indentations remain even after the straps are removed. Heavy breasts can cause bending of the shoulders leading to poor posture in the long term. Severe neck and upper back pain are not unusual in women with breasts too large for her frame. Reduction offers tremendous relief from the pain caused by heavy breasts.

Some women choose reduction for more practical reasons. Large breasts require supportive and properly fitted bras and they are often difficult to find and are expensive. For women over a size 38C, finding the right fit can be a challenge. And beyond the undergarments, finding button-down shirts can also be a tricky proposition. Many women find the space between buttons will not stay closed, resulting in bulges instead of the sleek look she hopes for. There is no denying that fashion is often a hurdle for women dealing with breasts that constantly cause ill-fitting clothing or improperly sized bras.

Of course, well-endowed women will often be subject to undesired attention. This is often an issue women learn to deal with from puberty on, when they may be more developed than their female peers. Hunching over to hide their chest is a tactic some women will employ in an attempt to deflect the unwanted attention, which can result in pain later, as well as back problems from years of improper posture. Often reduction is a choice that gives a woman a sense of freedom and pride moving forward.

Regardless of the reasons, patients who undergo reduction are counted among the most satisfied of all plastic surgery patients.

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