How Breast Reduction Can Improve Quality of Life

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Many cosmetic surgery procedures leave a patient feeling renewed and refreshed. While thousands of people undergo surgical procedures for personal reasons, breast reduction is one surgery that can be a life changing experience for reasons both physically and psychologically.

Why would anyone choose to have their breast size decreased? One of the top reasons women give for choosing reduction surgery is physical pain. Many women find themselves suffering excruciating neck and back pain after years of carrying breasts that are simply too large for their frame. That weight pulling down from bra straps can cause deep, uncomfortable grooves on the shoulders, as well. As a result, many women find themselves slumped over and over time they become unable to stand up properly. If back and neck pain become so invasive as to interfere with a woman’s ability to function, a breast reduction can truly give her a more satisfying and comfortable life.

Another common reason women give for opting to undergo a breast reduction is practicality. In today’s world, it can be extremely difficult to find properly fitting blouses and tops for naturally well endowed women. The most difficult item to find is a well constructed, supportive bra to lift the breasts comfortably. It also becomes near impossible to find tops that fit well without buttons coming apart and bulges appearing in the center of a blouse. It is a challenge for women with large breasts to find fashionable clothing that also fit well in the chest. A breast reduction can bring the proportion to a woman’s body, enabling her to find clothing that looks and feels good on her body.

Of course, breast reduction is a surgical procedure and having a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Meger, is the best way to find out if you’re a good candidate for surgery. For the vast majority of women, having breast reduction surgery is a positive experience for them and proves in many ways to be genuinely life changing.

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