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What You Should Know About Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Most people who undergo breast augmentation surgery don’t consider the possibility of them being removed in the future. In addition to needing timely replacements, dependent upon the material used in the implant, some women may later make the decision to have them removed altogether.

The surgery is a cosmetic procedure that removes implants or alters the size and shape of them. Sometimes, calcium can build up, the breast area can become infected, or the tissues surrounding the implants may die. The implants may rupture, fold, or deflate, as well. Furthermore, some women just make the personal choice to have them removed, even if there are no complications. Regardless of the reasoning, the procedure is still a surgery that comes with certain risks, and the procedure should be fully understood before proceeding.

This surgery requires a patient to be put under general anaesthesia. Depending on the person, the procedure typically lasts a couple of hours. There are several different techniques that your Arizona surgeon may use: implant removal only, removal with breast lift, and deflation. Talk about your options and your goals with your doctor to ensure the best results for you. Some patients are able to go home a few hours post-op.

Recovering from a breast implant removal surgery will vary from individual to individual. However, most surgeons agree that recovery from this procedure is easier and goes more smoothly than the initial implant surgery. After undergoing surgery, the breast area will be sore and swollen, so taking it easy at home and avoiding lifting anything is important, especially to ensure that the stitches do not tear open. Most patients are able to return to work within a week, and scars typically heal to an inconspicuous degree after a course of three to four months. While they fade, they will never disappear entirely. To minimize visibility and ensure proper healing, follow the surgeon’s post-op care routine diligently.

While any surgical procedure is serious and should not be taken lightly, going with an experienced, well-trained board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Meger will reduce many of the risks of undergoing a procedure. For any questions or for more detailed information about the three types of breast implant removal surgery, talk to your doctor and set up an examination and assessment.

5 Reasons a Breast Reduction in Phoenix Could be Right For You

Breast augmentation surgery is common among celebrities and other people who want to increase their breast size. However, you may seldom hear about breast reduction procedures. You may be interested in having a Phoenix, AZ specialist perform a breast reduction surgery if you have any of the following conditions:

1. Pain in Your Back

Large breasts can put a toll on your back because of the extra weight you have to carry around daily. The pain in your back can be mild now, but it can develop into more serious problems as you age and the breasts get heavier. Breast reduction surgery in Phoenix, AZ can remove some of the excess tissue and relieve some of the extra work your back has to do. The result will be pleasing as you will have additional strength to perform work and life activities.

2. Slouching or Slumping

Many women experience slouching or slumping because of the lack of back support for their breasts. You may be an excellent candidate for breast reduction surgery if you notice that you have difficulty standing with your back erect. Timely surgery can avoid additional problems from developing.

3. Rashes and Other Irritation

The more skin you have in the breast area, the more likely you are to develop rashes and irritation underneath. The summertime heat may aggravate your problems. A breast reduction surgery can sculpt the tissue so that your breasts lift and the folds are not as prominent.

4. A Disproportionate Body

You may have a problem with disproportion if you are a small-framed woman who has extremely large breasts. The situation may make it impossible for you to wear certain outfits, and it may accent certain imperfections. A seasoned specialist can help to transform your body into a perfectly proportioned masterpiece that will make you happy.

5. A General Self-Conscious Feeling

Perhaps the size of your breasts makes you feel self-conscious as you try to navigate life. Maybe you feel that people pay too much attention to your cup size and not enough to the other positive qualities and attributes you have. The surgical procedure may be perfect for you if you feel this way. However, you should never have surgery for other people. Make sure you’re doing it only for yourself and that you will be happy with the results.

Breast reduction surgery is a personal decision that only you can decide is best. A caring and compassionate cosmetic surgeon in Phoenix can help you achieve the look that you want for your body.

The Difference Between Saline & Silicone Breast Implants in Phoenix AZ

Breast implants have slowly eroded the myths and misconceptions that revolved around them. However, the discussion on which of the implant alternatives is best between saline and silicone has been kept alive over the years. Let us take a more profound look at these two options.

What are saline implants?
Saline implants are silicone shells filled with sterile salt water. These implants tend to feel firmer and not as natural as breast tissues. However, saline implants enhance breast appearance, although they are preferred on women with sufficient breast tissue for padding purposes.

During insertion, most surgeons will make a small incision and place the empty silicon shell into the breast area. Once inserted in the desired position, the surgeon will fill in the saline water to the desired volume. This means that with a smaller incision, there are small scars which make saline implants an attractive benefit.

Are they prone to leaks?
Breast implants, both saline, and silicone aren’t designed to last a lifetime. Over time, the saline implant becomes prone to rupture or leak. Luckily, the saline water has no adverse effects on the body when absorbed.

What are silicone implants
Silicone implants are basically silicone shells filled with silicone gel. Many women confirm that these implants have a tender feel that epitomizes that of natural breast tissues. They also tend to have a more natural look with fewer chances of visible wrinkling. Most cosmetic surgeons recommend silicone implants for women with thin breast tissue.

Do silicone implants rupture or leak?
Yes, similarly to saline implants, silicone implants are prone to rupture and leaks. You may start to notice a reduction in implant volume, although it’s not apparent. For silicone implants, doctors suggest frequent check-ups to ensure that the implant isn’t undergoing a silent rupture. A silent rupture of the implant occurs when implant gradually starts to leak, but you remain unaware.

Both saline and silicone implants offer perfect breast augmentation results. Choosing which of the two works for you will depend on your breast tissue volume, expected results, and your tastes and preferences. FDA passes both saline and silicone implants as safe.

You might want to talk to your doctor about your desires when looking into breast implants in Phoenix AZ. Visit us at our clinic in Phoenix, AZ and let us help you pick a breast implant that will serve you well.

Should You Consider Breast Implant Removal Surgery in Phoenix AZ?

Breast Implant Removal Surgery Phoenix AZ

There is a lot of discussion in the news these days about the dangers of certain types of breast implants and their connection to cancer. Although breast implants can greatly improve the size and shape of a woman’s breasts and improve her overall appearance and self-esteem, in some patients breast implants can create a variety of health issues that outweigh their benefits. These include a malfunction or leakage of the implant itself, scar tissue, also called capsular contracture, localized pain, and dissatisfaction with the breast size following implant surgery. At G. Robert Meger Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we are qualified to help women throughout the greater Phoenix area who currently have an issue regarding their breast implants and are considering breast implant removal surgery in Phoenix AZ.

Breast implant removal surgery is often the best option for women who are dissatisfied with the results of their original breast implant surgery procedure. Following a confidential consultation with Dr. Meger, the patient is advised about how breast implant removal surgery can specifically address their health concerns. Options are discussed as to how to make the patient’s breasts look and feel as normal as possible once again following removal of the breast implants.

If the existing breast implant is heavy or large, the patient’s skin may have stretched in order to accommodate a larger, heavier breast size and shape. As a result, breast implant removal surgery may need to include a breast lift procedure in order to eliminate excess stretched skin and create a breast that is as normal and healthy looking as possible. A moderate lift following removal of the breast implants can usually solve such issues as loose, sagging or wrinkled skin around the breast pocket. In some instances, liposuctioning of fat from the thighs, buttocks or abdomen to transfer to the breast area may also be necessary.

Patients should expect a 4 to 6 week recovery period following breast implant removal surgery in which strenuous activity is limited. Recovery periods may be longer if more extensive breast restoration is required once the implants have been removed. Women in the Phoenix area with breast implants who are dissatisfied with their texture, size, shape or performance, should schedule a consultation with Dr. Meger. We can answer all questions and concerns regarding the risks as well as the benefits of breast implant removal surgery and the best course of action to proceed for ultimate patient satisfaction and good health.

4 Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery in Phoenix AZ

Most of us are pretty familiar with breast enlargement surgery. In fact, if you were to ask someone on the street what comes to mind when they think of cosmetic surgery, there’s a pretty good chance breast implants will be a common answer.

As popular as this surgery is, there are actually a number of benefits in seeking out quite the opposite procedure. Breast reduction surgery is just what it sounds like… decreasing the size of the breast. In recent years, stars like Ariel Winter and Queen Latifah have brought attention to the many benefits of electing to take a little off the top.

A Few Good Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

Is breast reduction surgery for you? There are several ways in which it could help improve your quality of life:

  • Large breasts, especially on women with small frames, can lead to significant stress on areas like the back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Breathing issues and skin irritations under the breasts are common.
  • Exercise can be difficult to perform with large breasts.
  • Large breasts may be uneven.

It’s pretty clear that large breasts aren’t all they’re always cracked up to be. This is especially true if you’re small in stature.

How Breast Reduction Surgery Works

If you think this sounds like a good option for you, let’s take a look at the procedure and what you can expect. Of course, every procedure of this nature starts off with a thorough consultation. During this time, information is shared such as your goals to help your surgeon choose the best surgical option. There are two primary breast reduction surgery methods:

  • Vertical Breast Reduction: Only two incision sites are necessary, and this is a good option for moderate reductions.
  • Inverted T Reduction: This method allows for the highest degree of reshaping, but it requires three incision sites.

Depending on your needs and goals, your surgeon will help you understand and decide on the best plan of attack.

High Rate of Satisfaction

Breast reduction surgery in Phoenix AZ has one of the highest satisfaction rates. Considering the many benefits, it’s no wonder why. Although there will be a fair degree of pain and discomfort following the procedure, it can be managed through painkillers and typically wears off after around three to four weeks.

3 Ways Breast Reduction Surgery Can Benefit You

Breast implants to increase bust size are very popular among women of all ages. But did you know that women can also undergo surgery in order to reduce their breast size? There are a few reasons why a woman would want to do this, and below we outline the major ones. In Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Meger offers breast reduction to women looking to go down a few cup sizes in order to improve their quality of life. Dr. Meger is able to remove any excess skin, fat, and skin to sculpt the breasts into what the patient desires. Contrary to popular belief, there is such as thing as breasts that are too big. 

1. Relieve Back and Neck Pain
The main reasons why women undergo breast reduction is to relieve back and neck pain. Having large breasts can pull the entire body forward, which causes pain overtime. A good supportive bra can relieve some of this, but the only way to truly experience pain relief is to undergo surgery with Dr. Meger in Arizona. 

2. Soothe Skin Irritation
If you have larger-than-average breasts, you know that wearing a bra is a must. Just to lessen the back and neck pain, a bra must be worn at all times. The straps can often cause skin irritation, especially on sensitive areas like near the underarms. Some women even develop a rash on the site where the straps rub the most often. A breast reduction will allow this skin irritation to disappear. 

3. Improve Posture
Because large breasts cause you to be pulled forward due to their weight, this can cause you to also have bad posture. It may be painful to stand up straight all the time, as it put unnecessary stress on your back muscles. Smaller breasts are also lighter, which means you will be able to stand up straight and enjoy perfect posture without pain. 

Who Is a Candidate?
If you desire a breast reduction for any reason you may be a good candidate for this procedure. You are especially likely to qualify if your quality of life is impacted due to the size of your breasts. At your personalized consultation, Dr. Meger will go over all the pros and cons associated with this procedure to help you make the best decision. He will also discuss the aftercare so you are fully aware of all a breast reduction surgery in Phoenix entails. If you live in Phoenix or Scottsdale, contact the office of Dr. Meger today to schedule your consultation! 

4 Benefits Of Undergoing Male Breast Reduction in Phoenix AZ

Gynecomastia is a condition in which breast tissue is enlarged. Men who suffer with this condition often turn to cosmetic surgery to correct the problem. The choice to undergo male breast reductions surgery paves the way for enjoying a number of benefits. Here are four examples to consider.

1. You Can Take Your Shirt Off in Public Without Embarrassment

Men with enlarged breasts find it difficult to take off their shirts in public settings like at a pool, the beach or while at the lake. To some extent, they are also uncomfortable wearing any type of shirt that could expose part of the breast, like a tank top. Instead of being able to relax and enjoy the feel of the sun on their chests, they remain covered.

Once you undergo the reduction surgery, it’s easier to remove your shirt in any public setting where it’s appropriate to do do. Since the process tends to leave almost no visible scarring, no one will ever know you had the surgery. All they will see is a perfectly normal chest.

2. Your Chest Contours Work Well With the Rest of the Upper Body

Some men attempt to reduce their breasts by working out and building up their shoulders, arms, and even their stomachs. While that’s great, the breasts still tend to be out of proportion with the rest of the upper body. The nice thing about male breast reduction surgery is that it restores the proportion and helps you have the muscled look that you desire.

Keep in mind that the surgery does not create the look all by itself. You will still need to work out to look your best. That includes engaging in exercises that help to maintain the muscle tone and contours of those reduced breasts.

3. You Feel Less Self-Conscious in the Locker Room

Men with enlarged breasts are also likely to feel out of place in the locker room. They may rush through getting dressed after a workout and skip taking a shower. It also means not getting to enjoy the sauna and other amenities offered adjacent to the locker room.

After you undergo the reduction surgery, take your time getting ready in the locker room. Feel free to enjoy a nice hot shower. Grab a towel and head to the steam room or sauna. Being able to go wherever you like without feeling self-conscious is good for you in more than one way.

4. You Can Relax Easier When With Your Partner

Body issues like enlarged breasts can lead to uneasiness when spending time with an intimate partner. It’s natural for both parties to want to feel attractive. Men with enlarged breasts sometimes feel as if they are lacking in some way, making it harder to relax and enjoy the time alone with the partner.

One the surgery is done and the patient has healed, this barrier to feeling fully at ease with a partner is removed. That can only be a good thing for both parties.

Do you think that male breast reduction surgery in Phoenix AZ is right for you? Call and arrange for a consultation today. Once you understand how it works and what results to expect, you may be ready to schedule a surgery date.

Is Gynecomastia Surgery in Phoenix Right for You?

It’s probably not all that surprising to find that gynecomastia can lead to insecurity in men. After all, breast tissue is associated with women far more than it is with men. Although gynecomastia can develop at any age, young adults make up the overwhelming majority of those affected.

So what does this condition entail, exactly? Well, it is a collection of fat tissue that forms in man’s chest, which resembles the look of women’s breast. Although the condition does not jeopardize one’s health, the toll that it can take on one’s self-esteem can be profound. Fortunately, modern-day medicine is providing many men with a way to improve the look of their chest while also giving their self-esteem a much-needed boost. In this article, we will detail what gynecomastia surgery entails as well as what you can expect post-surgery.


Prior to the surgery, you will need to schedule a consultation with your doctor; this is an opportunity for both parties to make sure that they are a good fit for one another and, more importantly, that there is congruency in both patient and doctor expectations. Ideal candidates for gynecomastia surgery in Phoenix include

  • Those in overall good health
  • Reasonable skin elasticity
  • Healthy body weight
  • Individuals with breast tissue that cannot be remediated through diet and exercise.

As far as surgery is concerned, you can expect your surgeon to employ normal surgery processes along with liposuction to remove excess chest fat. At the start of your procedure, your doctor will make an incision around the areola in order to remove fat tissue. Next, he/she will use liposuction to help improve the contour and overall aesthetics of the chest.


It should be noted that the full benefits of gynecomastia surgery will be most notable after the body has had a reasonable amount of time to heal. In most cases, it can take three or more months before an appreciable reduction in swelling can be seen and another 6 to 12 months before loose skin begins to tighten. Although the healing process is quite lengthy, the results can last for many years, providing that you maintain a healthy weight.

In summation, gynecomastia surgery is a great way to improve the look of your chest, but should only be considered if you are healthy enough to undergo surgery, and excess breast tissue could not be remediated through diet and exercise.

3 Ways Breast Reduction Surgery Can Be Covered By Health Insurance

For many women, their breasts are too heavy a burden to carry without regular pain and discomfort. This is a condition named macromastia or when the breasts become excessively large. One permanent solution to this problem is a breast reduction procedure, otherwise called Reduction Mammoplasty, performed in our very own Scottsdale plastic surgery office.

One of the most common concerns we hear from our patients is whether the surgery can be covered by insurance. If you fall under any of the following categories, it is a possibility that you may be provided some amount of coverage for the surgery. This information is not meant to substitute the advice of a licensed medical professional, but to take you toward the next step in deciding whether this breast reduction surgery in Scottsdale is right for you and your lifestyle.

1. Symptomatic Muscle Pain

This includes any significant back, neck, and shoulder pain that lasts at least six months and is not alleviated by any of the following treatments: over-the-counter pain relievers, supportive garments such as a back brace, or physical therapy.

2. Arthritic Changes

This includes the restriction of certain movements or activities, in conjunction with a change in your ability to perform your typical daily activities. It usually is specific to the cervical (back of the neck) and/or upper thoracic (between shoulder blades) vertebrae.

3. Skin Irritation

Differentiated from general skin irritation, intertriginous maceration is when the skin becomes inflamed, red, and sometimes infected from constant friction, a lack of circulation, and excessive moisture resulting in eventual skin break down. Often this occurs in the inframammary skin region, where the breasts meet with the skin of the chest. Irritation may also occur atop the shoulders where the bra strap is most heavily weighted by the breasts.

For an individualized assessment of your physical condition and insurance coverage options, it is imperative that you see a medical professional and call your insurance provider for further details. We hope that should you decide this is the right treatment option for you, that you will choose the offices of Dr. Meger in Scottsdale, Arizona for the procedure.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Phoenix Arizona

If you are a man, you might think that only women are unhappy with the size and appearance of their breasts. However, men also suffer from social anxiety and a lack of self-esteem due to enlarged breasts. If you live in Phoenix Arizona and want to show off your physique all year long, having large breasts can be incredibly embarrassing.

Gynecomastia, or engorged male breast tissue, is typically caused by hormonal changes and can affect men of all ages. You may also experience enlarged, sagging breasts after a significant weight loss, or after some medical treatments. Regardless of the cause, once the medical issue is resolved the breast tissue does not always return to its former flat shape.

If you are a man who has worked hard to reduce the size and appearance of your breasts without success, surgery is one of the most popular options. Using a combination of breast reduction surgery and liposuction, Dr. Meger and his staff can help restore your breasts to their normal size.

During the surgery itself, Dr. Meger will make an incision around the nipple and surgically remove all of the excess breast tissue. He may also use liposuction to remove and stubborn pockets of fat around the breasts. Last, he will tighten the skin around each breast to restore your toned, youthful-looking chest.

The recovery time for a Gynecomastia procedure is relatively short, meaning you can often return to work in as little time as a week. Although the swelling from the surgery can last up to three months, you can expect the desired results to start to become visible at that time.

It takes anywhere from 6-12 months for your chest to completely take on its new shape. Although the time frame can seem lengthy, the results are so long-lasting that the weight will be worth it. Provided you maintain a healthy body weight and continue to exercise, most men can expect to enjoy the results of the procedure for the rest of their life.

5 Breast Reduction Benefits: Phoenix Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Phoenix

Some women do not like the large size of their breasts; other women suffer from physical consequences of their large breasts. Whether you fall into one of these two groups or another, you can consider the major benefits of opting for a breast reduction.

An Appearance that You Love 
Some people will claim that it doesn’t matter how you look, but when you’ve struggled with your appearance, no matter for how long, you know that this statement isn’t the truth. While you don’t want to invest all of your worth into your appearances, feeling good in your body is important. Getting a breast reduction can help you to feel this way.

More Confidence 
When you are happier in your body, you are likely to find that you have more confidence. This confidence can translate positively in your life in different ways. For example, you may feel confident walking up to someone in a coffee shop and introducing yourself, or you might have the confidence necessary to land the job that you’ve wanted since you were young.

Your Favorite Clothes 
Maybe you’ve envied the clothes that your friends with smaller breasts could wear, and perhaps you’ve dreamed of the day when you could actually find a strapless bra that fits. While some may also say that clothes don’t matter, you are allowed to want to feel stylish in clothes that flatter your body. Once you have the breast reduction, you my discover that a host of new wardrobe opportunities are available to you.

Less Pain 
If your breasts are causing pain in your body, a breast reduction can then seriously help with this issue. Keep in mind that you are likely to feel sore following the procedure. You should speak with your doctor to find out when you should expect to recover from the surgery and to feel the physical impact of having smaller breasts.

Improved Emotional Health 
When you are considering a breast reduction, it’s quite possible that the size of your breasts has bothered you for years. You may have spent the majority of your life worrying about this issue. By eliminating the size of your breasts, you can also find that you will eliminate the anxiety and emotional stress that this issue causes you.

A breast reduction is about more than changing the size of your breasts. It is also about bettering your entire being