How To Prepare For Plastic Surgery In Phoenix, AZ

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Booking your facelift is an exciting time, and you may be wondering what you can do to prepare yourself. The facelift procedure is often scheduled at least six weeks in advance to allow you to be physically ready. The supportive medical staff at your plastic surgeon’s office will give you detailed advice regarding certain medications you may need to stop taking, but you can get ready for the big day by following these tips to help speed your recovery time.

Six weeks seems like a long time before your facelift is done, but you can use this time to get healthy. If you’re a smoker, now is the time to quit to help increase your circulation. Good circulation is a factor in how quickly you heal, so increasing your aerobic exercise routine is helpful too. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet loaded with antioxidants and stay hydrated.

Two weeks before your surgery is scheduled is a great time to check in your physician for a quick physical. You’ll be advised to stop taking blood-thinning medication like aspirin or supplements that may interfere with healing. As you look forward to your plastic surgery, now is a perfect time to arrange your ride home from the medical facility after the procedure is done.

One week to go before your facelift and the countdown is on. It’s time to tie up any loose ends like scheduling time off from work and filling your antibiotics and pain medication prescriptions. You’ll also have one more visit with your plastic surgeon for any final questions you might have.

The day before your surgery it’s important to relax and get plenty of rest. Eat a light, nutritious meal and drink plenty of water, because you’ll be fasting once midnight comes. You should arrange an easily accessible place to sleep where you can stay propped up when you get home. Stock your refrigerator with foods recommended by your plastic surgeon, and make sure you have access to anything you’ll need for your recovery.

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