Smartlipo: A Better Alternative to Traditional Liposuction in Phoenix AZ

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Excessive body fat can make you feel more self-conscious in your own skin. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that has been used for many years to remove fat deposits around the abdomen, thighs and other parts of the body, but the procedure can also cause a lot of soreness and bruising during the recovery phase. Smartlipo has been developed as an alternative to traditional liposuction methods and is much less invasive. Dr. Meger and his team offer Smartlipo treatment to patients from Phoenix, Scottsdale and other parts of Arizona who want to look and feel their best.

How Smartlipo Works

Smartlipo eliminates fat deposits with the use of heat to make the removal of fat cells easier. Dr. Meger targets, heats and liquidizes fat cells with a special laser that is safe for patients. The heat makes it easier to remove the fat cells than methods that are used in standard liposuction. The laser also helps promote the production of collagen, which helps tighten loose skin and improves its buoyancy. A small vacuum device known as a cannula is then used to remove the liquidated fat cells with less difficulty. No obvious scars are left behind since no large incisions in the skin need to be made to perform Smartlipo.

Faster Recovery

You won’t need to spend a long time resting in bed or staying away from work or other activities after undergoing Smartlipo. There is a possibility that you will feel fully recovered one to two days after your procedure, but Dr. Meger may recommend wearing compression garments for another two weeks to reduce any swelling. When standard liposuction is performed, normal activities may be limited for the first two weeks and bruising and swelling may be present for several weeks after the procedure.

Smartlipo offers a revolutionary way to improve your physique and eliminate body fat and hanging skin. Dr. Meger has the technology and expertise needed to offer patients like you this therapy in the safest way possible.

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