Top Questions to Ask Before Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Over 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries were performed in 2018, firmly establishing this procedure as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. If you’ve been considering undergoing this procedure, it’s important to not rush into the decision. It’s advisable to talk to a recommendable healthcare professional beforehand. Here are a few questions to ask before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

1. What are the inherent risks involved with a boob job procedure?

Any reliable and reputable doctor should be more than willing to discuss the risks involved with a breast augmentation procedure. Although modern medicine has made these surgeries rather safe, there are still some potential side effects and risks that should be made known to patients before they make their final decision.

2. What experience and qualifications do you have to perform a breast augmentation surgery?

While you should only rely on reputable healthcare professionals when asking these questions, don’t be afraid to ask even more about their qualifications and experience with breast augmentation surgery. This procedure is a big deal, and you should make sure that the person you’re potentially trusting with the treatment is reliable, certified, and experienced.

3. What are the different breast augmentation procedure options?

Breast augmentation isn’t just one kind of procedure. There are many different variations within the same surgery including the type of filling used, the method of incision, and more. Before undergoing the procedure, it’s important to understand the different options you have. Your doctor should be able to articulate the advantages and disadvantages of each and offer a recommendation based on your needs and wants.

4. What’s the breast implant process like?

Patients have a right to know every detail of the breast augmentation process before undergoing the procedure. It’s critical that you understand what the augmentation entails lead up to the procedure, during the actual surgery, and during the recovery process. This way, you’ll know how to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. You can also set up your personal and professional life in anticipation of the post-surgery phase. You might have to take a few days off of work and refrain from physical activity until everything heals properly.

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