5 Reasons Why Venus Legacy is Superior Cellulite Treatment in Phoenix

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If you tend to avoid wearing shorts, short dresses or swimwear because you hate the way cellulite has decreased the appearance of your legs and thighs, you should know about the Venus Legacy Treatment offered to Phoenix and Scottsdale area residents at the clinics of G. Robert Meger Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

1. The Latest Technology

Venus Legacy is the most recent FDA-cleared technology for achieving both cellulite and nonsurgical fat reduction, in addition to skin tightening for a more youthful and vital appearance. Dr. G. Robert Meger is among the first in the state of Arizona to offer patients a technology that improves upon the Venus Freeze system through the use of radio frequency (RF) energy combined with pulsed magnetic fields (PMF).

2. Beyond Diet and Exercise

We’ve heard from countless patients who have been frustrated with their own attempts to reduce or eliminate cellulite by changing their dietary habits or increasing their exercise. Venus Legacy is a safe and proven procedure offered by Dr. Meger that targets those unwanted fat cells resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure not only eliminates those fat cells but also helps to stimulate increased collagen production, resulting in tighter skin.

3. Are You a Venus Legacy Candidate?

The Venus Legacy treatment for cellulite reduction is a perfect fit for candidates who are in good health and whose goal is not extensive weight loss. Venus Legacy can successfully treat cases of mild to severe cellulite in such problem areas as the buttocks and the thighs. Venus Legacy is also the right choice for patients seeking a nonsurgical, long-lasting solution to cellulite deposits affecting the appearance of their skin in addition to lowering their self-esteem and ability to feel and look their best. This treatment can also be used on the face, neck and other parts of the body.

4. Achieve Firmer Skin

Although this treatment produces a sensation of increased heating on the skin, most patients experience no discomfort or pain during the treatment session, lasting between 10 and 40 minutes. Patients receiving facial Venus Legacy treatments usually require between 6-8 sessions, with 8 to 10 sessions required for other parts of the body.

5. The Most Innovative Cellulite Treatment

Isn’t it time you won the battle over stubborn cellulite? Schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. G. Robert Meger today to discuss how Venus Legacy cellulite reduction treatments in Phoenix AZ can benefit your skin and your overall appearance!

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