Numerous women opine improving breast size and shape will enhance their aesthetic appearance. Such individuals might benefit from a plastic surgery-based procedure known as breast augmentation.

Dr. G. Robert Meger, a board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon serving the residents of Phoenix and surrounding Arizona suburbs, invites prospective patients to read this short blog providing an overview of this endeavor.

Basic Description

Known medically as augmentation mammoplasty, this process involves enlarging beasts through the insertion of either silicone or saline-filled implants.

The Procedure

In many instances, breast augmentation can be performed under local anesthetic or general anesthesia and does not typically require a lengthy hospital stay. During the operation, the surgeon will separate breast tissue from connective chest muscles, insert implants, close and stitch the insertion site.

The Recovery Process

The patient is likely to experience a certain degree of soreness or inflammation for up to several weeks following the procedure. Individuals with physically-demanding jobs might be required to take time off and avoid any type of strenuous exercise until the surgical scars sufficiently heal.

Potential Complications

When performed by an experienced surgeon inside a suitable medical facility, the risk for complications is relatively minimal. That said, the most common potential associated risks, include infection and scarring.

Occasionally, however, implant damage or rupture could occur, which could pose significant health problems. Therefore, recipients who experience physical manifestations, such as extreme redness and swelling, lingering pain around the incision sites, an elevated body temperature, unusual breast shape or size, difficulty breathing or chest pain are strongly urged to obtain an immediate medical evaluation.


Women who are obese or possess a host of underlying medical illnesses may not be suitable candidates for breast augmentation. Even young, healthy individuals are encouraged to undergo a thorough physical examination before committing to said procedure.

Contacting Us

Women interested in breast augmentation or any other type of cosmetic procedure are encouraged to contact us. Call us for more information about Dr. Meger’s practice and the breast augmentation services he provides in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley.

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