6 Reasons to Have a Breast Revision Surgery

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There are quite a few reasons you may want or require breast revision surgery. If you are unhappy with how your breasts look or feel you may benefit from a revision. If there are medical concerns with your prior breast augmentation we can address those concerns, as well. Whatever the reason, Dr. Meger Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Phoenix will provide an examination, discuss your wants and needs and give you options that will best suit your aesthetic and medical needs.

Breast Implant Removal

Some women who have breast implants simply want them removed for personal or medical reasons.

Different Breast Size, Shape or Feel

Some women desire a new breast implant size. Women may want larger implants because of weight gain or just the desire to be larger. Some want smaller implants for personal reasons. Over time breast implants begin to sag with age so women want new implants with a fresh lift. Some women want a different type of implant.

Ruptured Implants

Sometimes one or both breast implants may rupture or have a slow leak. This will require a surgery to either remove the implants completely or replace them.

The Double Bubble

On occasion implants can be placed incorrectly by a surgeon or they can shift downward under the breast. This may give the appearance of a woman having double breasts or breasts. This will require a breast revision surgery to correct.

Capsular Contracture

Sometimes scarring can occur around implants and cause them to get very hard and uncomfortable or painful. This is called capsular contracture and will require a breast revision surgery to correct.

Breast Rippling or Wrinkling

Sometimes after a breast augmentation surgery one of the implants gets a ripple or a wrinkle it in that can be seen through the skin. This will need a revision to fix.

Breast revision surgery is very common, for one reason or another, for women who have breast implants. Many times it is an easier recovery than the first surgery when you initially received your breast implants. This is because the breast capsules have already been formed and healed.

Dr. Meger is a Top Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon that Phoenix, AZ patients have trusted and rated highly for many years. Contact today for any breast revision or breast augmentation surgery needs in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or the Paradise Valley area.

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