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Fractional Laser Treatments – Pixel Laser – Phoenix, AZ

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Laser Treatments

Our aesthetician, Beth Hadden, offers a variety of laser treatments to her Phoenix, AZ patients using the advanced Pixel laser, which is a fractional, ablative resurfacing treatment. The overall goal of each laser treatment is to improve the skin’s appearance and to promote collagen production for a smoother, stronger layer of skin. The laser energy is able to break down the damaged layer of skin and allow a new, fresher layer to grow in its place. Some of the conditions we treat onsite are hyperpigmentation with photo facial treatments, broken capillaries, and rosacea. Patients are able to schedule a consultation at G. Robert Meger, M.D. P.C. today to learn more about all of our skin rejuvenating options.

Best Candidates

The best candidates for receiving Pixel laser treatments have:

  • skin irregularities such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, or something similar
  • a desire for a nonsurgical treatment
  • a desire for long-term results
  • a strong overall immune system
What to Expect

During a Pixel laser treatment, our licensed aesthetician can perform the procedure onsite using a handheld laser device. Depending on the treatment, some of the specifics may vary. In general, the process should not produce much pain and a numbing agent can be administered if the patient prefers it. Each treatment should typically take around 30 – 45 minutes. Some patients may see some redness and experience tenderness in the treated area, but this will subside within the next day or two. Patients can schedule a consultation to learn more about the specifics of each treatment offered.

Anticipated Results

Patients typically require 3 – 5 treatments for the most dramatic outcome, though each patient’s results will be different. Patients will see gradual changes and improvement to the skin and complexion after a few weeks following each session. Depending on the treatment and condition, results can last as long as 5 years in certain cases.

Improve Your Skin

If you’re suffering from skin blemishes and irregularities, then our advanced laser services can help address these concerns. Give our office a call today to learn more about how Dr. Meger and his team can serve you and get your skin looking the way you want it to.