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Liposuction Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ

About Liposuction

Our plastic surgeon, board-certified Dr. G. Robert Meger, safely and successfully removes unwanted fat cells from the body using advanced liposuction techniques. Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to achieve the desired, toned look throughout the body. Liposuction is able to break up the fat cells and suction them from the different areas in order to help slim and contour stubborn pockets of fat. This procedure can be performed on both men and women, and the most popular places include the stomach, lower back areas, chin and neck, upper arms, and inner or outer thighs. We encourage patients to schedule a consult at G. Robert Meger, M.D. P.C. in Phoenix, AZ to learn more about the benefits of liposuction.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidates for neck liposuction are men and women who:

  • Have excess fat on their neck, especially under the chin (the submental area)
  • Have tried diet and exercise as a means to lose the fat in this area without success
  • Are not in need of excess weight loss
  • Have the appearance of a double chin
  • Have overall good health
Types of Liposuction

Phoenix and Scottsdale patients who come to Dr. Meger for liposuction will get some of the safest and most cutting-edge liposuction methods available. Dr. Meger uses PAL®, also called MicroAire Power-Assisted Liposuction, to perform the procedure. It uses rapid, ultra-accurate vibrations to separate fat cells and suction them out of the body. The delicate vibrations are actually safer because of how small and exact they are, so precise that Dr. Meger can target particular locations without damaging surrounding tissue.

Dr. Meger also utilizes the tumescent strategy. With this method, an anesthetic liquid is injected into the treatment location to break up fat cells for smooth fat transfer with an instrument called a cannula, which is basically a small tube. This technique is often used in conjunction with SmartLipo®.

What to Expect

Liposuction is performed in an accredited surgical center or at a local hospital as an outpatient procedure. The surgery generally takes between 1 – 2 hours to complete, depending on how much fat is being addressed as well as how many body parts. Liposuction can be a surgery all on its own; however, it is usually paired with other surgeries for the best cosmetic results, such as skin tightening procedures.

Anticipated Results

It takes a couple of weeks for patients to recover and scarring is minimal. If a well-balanced diet is maintained along with a healthy lifestyle, the results following liposuction surgery can last for years. It usually takes 1 – 3 months for patients to see their full results.

A Slimmer Figure Today

If diet and rigorous exercise still don’t seem to have an effect on problem areas and stubborn fat, then liposuction can be the solution. We provide a completely private consultation to discuss your areas of concern and how to best treat the area(s) with this revolutionary technology. Schedule a consult today with Dr. Meger to learn more.