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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Scottsdale

Women desire breast augmentation surgery for various reasons. Some want their breasts to be more proportionate to their body, and therefore require a larger size. Others wish to restore breast volume that may have been lost after pregnancy, breast feeding, or weight loss. Others may have had medical procedures that leave the breasts uneven in appearance, and desire to have better symmetry.

Whatever the reason, Dr. Meger, a certified and reputable plastic surgeon located in the Scottsdale area, takes pride in providing an aesthetic solution for your breast augmentation needs.

Breast Augmentation Variations

There are plenty of options when it comes to breast augmentation. Some doctors specialize in certain types of breast augmentation, and differences include implant type, placement and incisions.

Implant Types

Silicone: Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel, and are the most widely used type of breast augmentation implant in the world. This implant type is fully FDA approved, and has a lower risk of rupturing than saline implants. Custom solutions for silicone implants will include variations in both shape and firmness. Women often prefer this option as they are generally more natural looking and feeling, as well as are more resilient to damage.

Saline: Saline implants possess a silicone outer shell that is filled with a sterile, saltwater solution. The implants are put in place while empty, and are subsequently filled afterwards. This allows for a smaller incision site. If a saline implant ruptures, the solution inside can be naturally absorbed by the body. Saline implants have become less popular and are rarely used, besides in cases of individuals under 22 years old.

Fat Grafting: Fat grafting is a process that doesn’t use an implant, but instead takes unwanted fat from other parts of the body and injects the fat into the breasts. This is done by first extracting fat from either the abdomen, hips, thighs, or other area, and then using a processing device before injecting into the breasts. While safer than the other two options due to a nonexistent risk of rejection, fat grafting produces the most subtle changes, usually a half of a cup size at most. It is also the least permanent due to fat’s natural ability to absorb or break down over time.

Implant Placement

Subglandular placement: With subglandular placement, the implant is placed behind the breast gland, on top of the pectoral muscle. A major advantage here is that there is no interference with the pectoral muscle function. This type of surgery is easier to perform and is less invasive.

Submuscular (or Subpectoral) placement: With subpectoral placement, the breast implant is positioned under the pectoral muscles in the chest. This generally has a more natural look because both the muscle and breast tissue are covering the implant. Here there are lower risks of visible implant rippling, less strain on the skin, and preserved blood flow to the nipple. The recovery time is longer for this placement.

Implant Incisions

Under the breast: An incision under the breast fold is effective in hiding incisions from breast augmentation surgery. The surgeon has good access to the breasts, and the incision can be reopened for implant revision.

Around the areola: The dark skin surrounding the nipple also provides an effective disguising of the incision site. Scars do take some time to fade and mature, and incisions will be more visible for the first few months.

In the armpit: This type of incision is far away from the breasts, keeping scarring away from the breasts. This incision site is more difficult for surgeons to work with, and may limit the size of the implant able to be used.

Breast Implant Candidacy

Most women are good candidates to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Women with a desire to increase overall size and fullness, improve upon breast shape, or correct asymmetry are all solid candidates for breast augmentation with Dr. Meger in Scottsdale.

Breast Implant Consultation

The first step in a successful breast augmentation procedure is a consultation with Dr. Meger in Scottsdale. Here, we can go through all of the different options, including implant type, incision type, placement, and recovery. Measurements can be taken, and your path to a more aesthetic physique will be started! Give us a call today!

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